Jessica Simpson On Baby Weight, Kim Kardashian, Duchess’ Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson ‘felt for’ Kim Kardashian during pregnancy, envied Kate Middleton

Critics slammed Kardashian for her fashion choices while she was pregnant.

“It’s OK to gain weight, and it will always come off.” That nonchalance was supported by a wardrobe decision she made earlier this week. The former pop diva took a shopping stroll in a pair of Daisy Duke shorts reminiscent of her “Dukes of Hazzard” days. Well, Los Angeles is currently dealing with a heat wave. PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “I will never understand why people give pregnant women such a hard time,” Simpson said. “We are creating a human life: I think we get every excuse in the world to eat a doughnut!” Like Simpson, Kardashian, 32, put on a few pounds while she was with child and described her pregnancy as “painful.” On top of it all, Kim’s every move, including her daily maternity garb, was documented by paparazzi and critiqued by many.
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Asthma Control Vital During Pregnancy, Study

Zebrafish Used to Discover Epilepsy Drug

By Chiderah Monde / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, September 6, 2013, 1:25 PM Comment NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images During her second pregnancy with son Ace Knute, who was born on June 30, Simpson said she adopted a healthier eating habit. From one new celebrity mom to another – Jessica Simpson is sticking up for recently pregnant pal Kim Kardashian. The fashion mogul said that she “felt for” Kardashian, 32, amidst all of the scrutiny about her pregnancy weight gain. “I knew exactly what she was going through,” Simpson, 33, said in an interview with Us Weekly.
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The Hollywood baby boom

National guidelines recommend the management and treatment for asthma in pregnant women should be generally the same as for non-pregnant women and men, with the intensity of antenatal maternal and fetal surveillance to be based on the severity of their condition. The authors also note that poor asthma control can lead to adverse effects on maternal and fetal outcomes, with previous studies suggesting poor asthma control is associated with hypertension in pregnancy, a higher frequency of caesarean section and low birth weight. However, the authors emphasise that in most women with well-controlled asthma there are no or minimal additional risks. The review states the concerns held by mothers and healthcare providers on the potential adverse effects that asthma drugs can have on both the women and their babies, but concludes that it is still safer for women to use asthma therapy in pregnancy to avoid uncontrolled asthma. Furthermore, asthma does not usually affect labour or delivery with less than a fifth of women experiencing an exacerbation during labour. Additionally, in the postpartum period there is no increased risk of asthma exacerbations and within a few months after delivery a woman’s asthma severity typically reverts to its pre-pregnancy level.
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Karel Homrig: Alcohol use during pregnancy comes with costs

There is also a high rate of microcephaly (small brain growth), change in the facial features, and malformation of the heart, kidneys, genitals and other organ systems. Given the tendency of those born with an FASD to have difficulty with learning consequences to behaviors, poor impulse control, poor judgment and poor-problem solving skills, it is no wonder that many of them end up in trouble with the law. Sept. 9 is International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day. Each year, roughly 40,000 children are born in this country with some form of birth defect as a result of alcohol use during pregnancy. Fetal alcohol exposure is regarded by researchers as the leading diagnosable cause of mental retardation in the Western world, surpassing both spina bifida and Down syndrome.
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